John of God Crystal Bed Healing

The Crystal Bed healing is the ultimate life enhancing experience because of the profound work being done on all levels of the body. The results and benefits outweigh many other healing therapies available. Crystal Bed treatment session is very relaxing and comfortable. The process opens, cleanses and balances etheric field , raising the frequency of the energy body. Deep healing takes place on all levels of the body, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.
Benefits of Crystal Bed therapy:

Harmonizes the Chakras and subtle energy bodies
Triggers healing processes in the psyche and body
Assists in balancing your body's natural healing mechanisms
Rejuvenates physical systems for improved function
Stimulates the development of inner senses for expanding your intuition
Assists in the release of emotional and mental blocks that may be keeping you from experiencing health, wholeness, abundance and fulfilling relationships
Provides insights into our questions about our purpose and next steps
Liberation from negative emotions such as depression, grief, fear, anger and sadness
Brings relaxation and feelings of peace, promotes an overall feeling of well-being and less stress. 
Inspires awareness into past issues, memories and patterns that can be the root cause of disease 

Many people have reported transformational experiences, spiritual directions, emotional blockage clearances, physical healing and much more.
One of the most interesting physical transformation is the Anti Aging effect it has. A youthful glow to the face and skin is very noticeable. 





When you come for a crystal bed session, you will also be able to experience the portal to the entities through the >>Sacred Prayer Triangle<< Armine has in her studio. It has been activated (turned on!) by the entities John of God and serves as a direct link (or portal) to the hundreds, if not thousands, of Divine spirit helpers who are listening to and responding to your requests.


Remote healing herbs from John of God

Armine can also provide you John of Gods distance healing herbs directly from Casa de Dom Inacio.