About Kevin...

Kevin , a co-founder of My Healing Chamber, is a spiritual being who discovered his life purpose at a young age. Kevin is a Reiki master and a professional mediator. He is energy intuitive and clairvoyant. With years of experience in healing, Kevin has expressed different layers of health and wellness to individuals throughout the years. As a healing master of the Usui System of Reiki, Kevin has the ability to align and stimulate one's body energy flow and promotes healing on all levels of the body, mind and spirit. By simply being in his presence, individuals feel happier, healthier, clear-minded, and most of all, transformed. Kevin has full access to the Universal Love energy and many other techniques to transmit energies to his clients. Clients have reported experiencing an ultimate shift in physical and emotional levels. Clients also feel peaceful, healthy and happy often after their sessions. Below are some of the benefits of his healing: 

Reduced stress, anxiety and depression
Decrease of physical pain
Enhanced recovery from trauma
Sense of well-being
Easing chronic conditions
Deep spiritual connection
He also provides extraordinary distance healing; client's presence is not necessary.
Whether you are looking for a strong channel for energy healing or a reliable Casa guide, Kevin is ready to serve the work of Love and Light.