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Welcome to My Healing Chamber!

Energy healing therapy is the future medicine and future is here, NOW! The purpose of energy healing is to bring balance within body and create alignment between physical body and the auric layers of our energy field. Energy healing sessions can be facilitated to your specific needs. It can open the door for instantaneous healing and change, works in the field of consciousness and light. Energy healing has become a very popular alternative healing therapy. 
The idea of energy therapy  contains several methods: hands-on, hands-off, and distant where the patient and healer are in different locations.

Anything and everything is possible in the field of energy. The therapy helps you to live a healthy and fulfilled life as well as opens infinite possibilities of miracles that can manifest and life changing unfoldments can occur. 


Experience a Guided Journey to see John of God in Abadiania, Brazil with distinguished Casa guides. The transformational journey to Abadiania, Brazil to meet John of God, the Brazilian healer who has touched millions of lives over the last 40+ years.
Casa de Dom Inacio is the healing center where John of God heals people from all over the world. Located in Abadiania, Brazil, the Casa recommends that visitors travel with a Casa Guide to maximize the experience. John of God himself permits for someone to become Casa Guidewhich is granted to very few.
Guides at MY HEALING CHAMBER have the honor to take a group to Abadiania. John of God has been recognized worldwide for his healing abilities. He is a medium who channels over 30 different entities that perform spiritual healing. His work is free of charge and no one is ever turned away. People travel to see him from all over the world many with incurable ailments which have been declared terminal or incurable.

Next Tour Dates:
September 11 to 25, 2016
December 2016 & March 2017
Trip Cost: $3,800 USD all Taxes & Fees are included.

What Is Included:

Two weeks, ALL INCLUSIVE journey. Introduction to the Casa orientation & Casa protocol.
Airfare. Translation assistance.
Guidance throughout the journey. Taxi services to the Sacred Waterfall and around the town.
Group transportation to/from LAX. Guided assistance when meeting with John of God.
Group transportation to/from Brasilia Airport. Daily check-ins to discuss your progress.
Hotel accommodation. Personalized attention on your specific healing needs.
All meals at the hotel (three meals a day). One (1) complimentary Crystal Bed session at the Casa.

What Is Not Included:

Ground transportation when traveling datesother then the specified group arrival and departure dates.
Personal Travel/Medical Insurance (required).
Bottled water (other then a gift starter bottle) and any meals away from the pousada .
Crystal bed treatments (other than first session, which we treat you to).
Herb Prescriptions.
Massage Prescriptions.
Laundry service at pousada (drying lines available for do-it-yourself hand washing).
Personal shopping/crystals.
Tips for maids/cooks at pousada (appreciated, but not required).
Any donation amount to the Casa you choose to give.



Well, there are no guarantees from going to the Casa, yet all people seem to benefit in some way. At the Casa, and through the entities, anything is possible. One man was clinically dead for 5 hours and is now alive to tell. He visits the Casa regularly to recount his extraordinary story. Some people have recovered from all kinds of incurable diseases, cancer and other serious illnesses. That is what we deserve to find out for ourselves. What is possible for me? How will I heal physically and grow spiritually and how can I afford to miss out on aligning myself with all the opportunities that are available there?

Powerful healing entities are accessible at the Casa and the veil is very thin. The opportunity to be cured of illness, free of pain, to have more energy, more love in our hearts, to be healthy and useful in the world is something we all wish for. One does not specifically have to be ill to receive the benefits. John of God is a phenomenon, whilst his behavior is terms of being able to channel spirits is widely accepted amongst most Brazilians, he is indeed extremely well known there with a reputation as one of the most powerful healers to emerge in the 20th century. It is an opportunity not to be missed. Not if you are ill and need help or if you are spiritually inclined and wish to progress further along the path.

It's a beautiful place, with gorgeous tropical flowering trees, sunshine, rolling hills, a relaxed way of life, fresh air and maybe even a hammock. The food is fresh and healthy, good for vegetarians and carnivores alike. The village is tranquil and peaceful, the people welcoming and the Brazilian 'joie de vive', love of life, is infectious. There is the opportunity to participate in the community spirit of healing and make new friends. A journey into the unknown and thinking out of the box.

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